Optimizing Your Financial Resource Efficiency

As your business grows, you will inevitably face new challenges regarding your assets, cash flow, and overall financial health. One of the best ways to overcome these trials is by working with a partner that specializes in Treasury Management.
One of the biggest challenges you may face is the collection of receivables. You will need various options that can enable your clients to remit payment easily and safely. ACH (Automated Clearing House) works to transfer funds electronically and quickly. Merchant Services make it easy to offer clients payment through credit, debit, and gift cards. If you are paid with a check, your bank should allow you to electronically deposit that check for minimal delay in receiving your money.
On the flip side of this is the process of disbursement. Your business should have a way to initiate current payments and schedule future payments to your suppliers and vendors. This can be done through the same ACH system used to collect funds. If you need faster service for payment or need to make an international payment, Online Wire Transfers are an efficient option. An effective method of managing cash flow while taking advantage of rewards and billing options is to pay using a Business Credit Card or Purchasing Card.
Managing your company’s funds will benefit from Concentration Services. You can maintain several Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) linked to one centralized Primary Account. That way you can more easily track what different departments are spending, as well as reduce the risk of fraud. A Line of Credit Sweep can help you pay down a line of credit quickly in an automated process to reduce your overall interest expense, while an Overdraft Sweep will transfer money from a designated account to make sure none of your transactions are returned.
Treasury Management can also be a robust defense against fraud. Solutions like Positive Pay ensure an almost real-time reconciliation of checks issued by your company against the ones presented for payment. You can also block ACH activity on specific accounts or filter by individual, so you won’t be automatically debited without your consent.
RockPointBank offers all these services and ways to access them online. Through our Treasury Management system and Online Banking, you get amazing flexibility and control over your assets and accounts. We pride ourselves in being user-friendly with robust security both on desktop and mobile. Our online services also allow you to specify which users in your company can perform certain functions and enforce dual control for payment transactions. Our Treasury Management app allows you online account access all day, every day, by allowing you to move funds, make deposits, and initiate payments wherever you are.
If you want to know more about our Treasury Management services, call RockPointBank today at 423-558-3400 or visit our Treasury Management page.