Two businesspeople shaking hands

Our Favorite Question

Why bank with RockPointBank?

Even if the question isn't on your mind, we're always eager to explore it because the question underpinned every decision made while creating RockPointBank.

Chattanooga deserves a local bank that focuses on small-to-medium businesses, their owners/operators and professionals – one that supports and contributes to the spirit of our community. Consolidation in the banking industry, and specifically in Chattanooga, has significantly impacted RockPointBank’s target market and has created a void in the banking landscape.

RockPointBank is here to fill that void as a bank focused on building relationships and making local decisions to provide solutions quickly and efficiently. We are nimble and responsive, invested in technology, and dedicated to empowering our employees and clients.

Our goal is for you to ask why would anyone not choose RockPointBank?

RockPointBank is a full-service financial institution headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee.