What Does Local Banking Mean To You?

At RockPointBank, we pride ourselves on truly being a “Chattanooga Local Bank.” Consolidation continues to impact the banking industry, including throughout the Scenic City as familiar and trusted financial institutions have merged, changed and grown larger. This has resulted in closed branches, depersonalization of service, and an overall feeling that there just are no longer any “hometown” options.

RockPointBank was created specifically to address that open space in the Chattanooga market. With a focus on local businesses and professionals, we provide personalized service and support while contributing to the spirit of this amazing community.

We are here to build great relationships with our clients and partners, making decisions locally so we can provide quick and efficient solutions. We remain agile and responsive, while we have invested in cutting-edge technology that helps to empower our employees and clients.

There are some other institutions that consider themselves “local” to Chattanooga, but here are a few questions to ask yourself about what local banking means.

Like real estate, it starts with location. Your banker might be located here, but where is the person making decisions? RockPointBank is owned, managed, and headquartered in Chattanooga.

Is the head of your local bank a “Market President?” That indicates he or she is the person in charge of this market but not the leader of the organization. We have the Chief Executive Officer—Hamp Johnston—as the leader of our bank. Hamp grew up in Chattanooga and most of his more than 30 years in banking has been in this market.

Does your bank have an Advisory Board or a Board of Directors? Unlike an Advisory Board that does not have legal or governance responsibilities, we have a Board of Directors that is responsible for governing the organization and setting the strategic direction of the bank. Our Board of Directors is made up of twelve local business and community leaders whose personal and professional activities are centered in this community, not Nashville, Memphis, Birmingham or Charlotte. They know and are involved in Chattanooga and are deeply invested in its progress.

Is your bank focused on Chattanooga or is our city just a small part of a larger strategy? RockPointBank keeps your deposits here to support this community. We make our lending decisions in this city. We fill job and board vacancies with people who feel the same way.

If you have a problem with your bank, who do you call? With RockPointBank, when resolution of an issue is needed, we have the authority to act swiftly and make the decision locally.

Why do we do all these things? Because we believe it is a better way to operate…and it builds and maintains the trust of our clients. We are invested in the long-term success of our customers and the future of the city we love. These things make a difference and allow us to deliver a better experience.