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Fraud Prevention - Congratulations…you’ve made it through the busiest time of the year for retailers and many other businesses! And hopefully you have done so without any incidents of fraud. There is no time to relax, though…the scammers and hackers do not adhere to a real “holiday schedule,” so you can’t, either. Here are a few common ways businesses get scammed and some methods to combat them.

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Optimizing Your Financial Resource Efficiency - As your business grows, you will inevitably face new challenges regarding your assets, cash flow, and overall financial health. One of the best ways to overcome these trials is by working with a partner that specializes in Treasury Management.

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What Does Local Banking Mean To You? - RockPointBank was created specifically to address that open space in the Chattanooga market. With a focus on local businesses and professionals, we provide personalized service and support while contributing to the spirit of this amazing community.


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Banking Changes to a Local Focus - With continued consolidation, there is a shift occurring in the way people approach banking. While some assume individuals and companies would gravitate to larger institutions, recent trends show the opposite.

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Tapping Into Your Home Equity - Home repairs and renovations. Family vacations. Weddings or other celebrations.Emergency expenses. All are reasons you may want to consider applying for a loan.
One of the more traditional ways for homeowners to borrow money has been to refinance their homes.